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Making Tabletop Gaming Accessible For All

Welcome to D404 Software, where we break down barriers and enable inclusive gaming. Explore Blindsense, your gateway to immersive Dungeons and Dragons adventures, accessible to everyone.

Our Story

Everyone Deserves to Have Fun

At D404 Software, we’re driven by a simple belief: Everyone deserves to have fun. As a not-for-profit organization, our mission is to develop accessibility applications that open doors to inclusive experiences. Our mission begins with making TTRPGs accessible to the visually impaired, with our Blindsense application.

Our Mission

Is using our expertise to build applications and tools that make gaming and TTRPGs accessible for for anyone with any disability. 

Our Software application

Blindsense - Accessible Dungeons & Dragons

A phone application that allows visually impaired users to play Dungeons and Dragons 5E by utilizing modern accessibility features and powerful voice recognition algorithms.

Character Creation

Create and manage unique characters by using either voice commands or the blind-accessible GUI.

D&D Compendium

Don’t remember how much damage a Fireball does? What about the penalties for being grappled? The app has a built in compendium that can also be accessed through voice commands and the blind-accessible GUI.

Accessibility Tools

Perform automated actions with your character sheet, like attacking with your sword, casting magic missile, or attacking with your longsword +1! 

Our Dedicated Team

Meet the Team!

Brett Langford

Co-Founder / Head of Operations

I am a recent college graduate who currently works at NASA. Dungeons and Dragons has always been a way for me to practice my writing and express my creativity. To share this experience with as many people as possible has been a great joy in my life and is what drove me to work alongside Jeremy to realize this!

Jeremy Fogleman

Co-Founder / Senior Developer

Gaming and TTRPGs have held a special place in my heart since I was very young. Now working as the lead developer at D404, I am excited to bring these hobbies to as many as possible.

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